Salesforce and Google Analytics (GA4) Integration – New for 2024!

Theo Bennett - May 20, 2024

CRM integration with Google Analytics (GA4) has always been an advanced technique that, when implemented, let’s savvy practitioners optimize their site’s UX, Marketing, and Content to what really matters: more revenue.

For example, you can optimize for form submissions on a B2B or B2C service site, but form fills don’t always equate to new and more business. What if instead you could fine-tune your tactics to optimize for new business and increased revenue? To do this, you need to bridge the gap between your marketing touches, website and content performance (measured in GA4), with your real sales revenue — often measured in Salesforce or another CRM. While it’s possible to join these disparate data sets in a third platform or use an API to pull more data into your CRM; most performance and tactical cues to improve your marketing ROAS are derived from Google Analytics. Usually this is because either the marketing team or your vendor may only have access to Google Analytics and not some other corporate data lake or warehouse. Having CRM data available in a tool used by marketers and surfaced into Google Ads is a smart strategic decision.

Specifically, Google trumpeted these benefits. “We’ve added Salesforce as a data source for Data import. You can now import data directly from Salesforce to Google Analytics as offline-event data. You’ll be able to schedule daily or hourly imports, and select any existing Salesforce milestones and attributes you want to import. Salesforce milestones will be collected as GA4 events, and you can optionally import any existing Salesforce attributes as GA4 dimensions”.

While it’s always possible to integrate any dataset with Google Analytics, previously only users of GA360 had access to easy integration with Salesforce. Now this wonderful feature is available to all users of Salesforce and Google Analytics in a way that does not require a lot of development resources.

What this means, is that with a minimal time investment, you can import key milestones like lead scoring, lead to qualified lead, or to opportunity and closed business into GA. One benefit; for example, is that you are no longer optimizing keyword effectiveness in Google ads by form fills with unknown results, you now optimize by what drives quality leads or new business.

Google offers a support document that outlines the process here:

There are some pros and cons to this one size fits most approach, but we’re happy to see Google bring this to most users.

If you’d like help with this or any feature of Google Analytics, Tag Manger, Looker Studio or Google Cloud and BigQuery we’re happy to assist with all your measurement and BI needs.

Lastly, if you’re not a Salesforce user and want to harness the power of CRM integration, fear not! We can help with that too.

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