The Future is the Present – The New Google Analytics Platform is here!

MoreVisibility - March 22, 2011

They’ve done it – again! The Google Analytics team announced a new Google Analytics platform last Thursday.

Gradually, every Google Analytics user will receive access to Google Analytics’ latest and greatest UI. When you see a link to the new version in your account, you’ll enjoy all of the following awesome improvements, benefits, and new bells & whistles. Be warned – you’re about to read a very long list of improvements and additions that we’ve seen so far:

– A cleaner a simpler reporting interface (Fewer reports, but more segmenting dimensions).

– Faster User-Interface speed (in comparison to the current Google Analytics platform).

– Slightly different color scheme – lighter hues and slightly different font, trending graph line colors.

– Motion chart (Visualization) integration within the trending graph.

– “Non-Sticky All Visits Advanced Segment” when comparing multiple segments.

– Reporting tabs are now line-items within the “Explorer” tab; segments are above table report data.

– Scorecard metric / trending graph toggling feature.

– Interactive tables at the bottom of each section’s Overview report (“on-the-fly” table interactions).

– Goals and Ecommerce report sections now a part of the Conversions report section on left-hand navigation pane.

– Term cloud visualization report table view.

– Events as Goals, with condition / value settings similar to creating an Advanced Segment.

– Customizable dashboards and multiple dashboards (Create your dashboard from scratch, including configuring how the actual widgets appear on your dashboard and what data those widgets will show).

– An improved control panel for account administrators, including a new hierarchy layer (Previous: Account >> Profile. New: Account >> Web Property (UA Number) >> Profile).

– Advanced Segments, Annotations, and Custom Alerts are now considered “Assets” of a Web Property.

– Creation of Annotations for future dates.

– An improved Custom Reporting interface, including the ability to pair up any metric / dimension combinations you choose, as well as a new “Flat-Table” Custom Report, which is useful for downloading / exporting large data sets.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that you would have felt very excited after reading that beautiful list of goodies!

Be on the lookout for that “New Version” link within your account, and check back frequently or subscribe to our blog, because we’ll sure be going more in-depth on all of these exciting developments in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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