Top 3 Analytics Points From MoreVisibility’s April 10 Workshop with Google

Serina Fignole - April 27, 2018

MoreVisibility and Google hosted a live action-packed workshop at the beginning of April. During the workshop, we focused on the latest advertising innovations in AdWords and throughout Google’s network. In addition, speakers explored how to fully close the loop on campaign performance and tap into advanced campaign attribution insights. If you weren’t able to attend, all’s not lost.

Here are the top 3 Analytics takeaways from the workshop:

#1 Users are not Users, they’re cookies tied to 1 browser on 1 device

Odd enough – In Google Analytics, a user is actually not a user, a user is a cookie.   Here’s an example, 1 person is using a desktop to visit your site from Chrome and Firefox.

How many users do you think that would be?

That’s right 2.  With that being said, 1 person using their mobile, tablet and desktop to visit your website would show as 3 users in Google Analytics. Multi-channel funnel reports are a great way to stitch together multiple sessions from one device and one browser.

#2 Rethink your collection strategy so that you can see more of the User Journey.

From the perspective of digital analytics, the user journey is the path a user takes from 1st interaction to goal completion. About 10 years ago the user journey took place across a small number of sessions and was much easier to see.  However, that is not that case now. The journey is fragmented across more sessions and devices. Cross Domain Tracking is a great solution because it makes possible for Google Analytics to connect sessions on two related sites into a single session. In addition, it allows you to understand how users navigate through your web properties so you’re able to see a complete user journey.

#3 Make sure your site loads quickly across all devices.

Google has announced that page speed will become a major ranking factor for mobile search results starting in July 2018. According to Google, only pages that “deliver the slowest experience to visitors” will be impacted by the update. If you are wondering whether your website is going to take a hit, Google recommends that you review your website’s mobile speed performance by utilizing tools, like Lighthouse and TestMySite. Tools like these measure your webpages’ current speed via a 3G and 4G connection and help identify areas where you can improve your mobile page load times.

If you have any questions about how this update may affect your business, reach out to the experts at MoreVisibility for assistance.

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