Verify your website with the new “async” tracking code!

MoreVisibility - August 20, 2010

We truly, madly, deeply love having multiple options to choose from here at MoreVisibility. So when my colleague Emily MacNair forwarded me a recent post on the Google Webmaster Tools blog about a shiny new option for website owners to verify their websites, my Friday was made!

Website owners can now verify their websites using the new “async” Google Analytics Tracking Code, which makes a website owner’s life a lot easier.

Previous to this announcement, a website owner would need to add a meta tag to their site’s source code, upload an HTML verification file, or add a DNS record to verify a website with Google Webmaster Tools. Now, if the email address that’s used to log-in to Google Webmaster Tools has Administrative Access to a Google Analytics account – AND – the website is using the new “async” Google Analytics Tracking Code, a website can be verified without code-bloating meta tags, extra HTML files or DNS entries.


If you’re an administrator on your Google Analytics account and if you’re using the new “async” code, then all you have to do is click on Verify as shown in the image above.

Thanks to the Google Webmaster Tools team, you now have one additional reason to update to the new “async” Google Analytics tracking code, other than the new code being lighter, faster, and technologically superior to the previous code models.

Go and upgrade today – and verify your website while you’re at it :).

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