Version History in Google Data Studio Now Available!

Tony Villanova - March 19, 2019

Data Studio makes creating visually appealing and interactive reports a cinch, it can also cause a headache if anyone edits the report or makes changes and accidentally breaks the report or data source. This has been a hurdle to get over when issues arise, until now.

In the latest batch of updates to Data Studio from Google we received a new feature called “Version History”. Version history keeps a history of your changes in Data Studio and lets you see when a different version was created and by who. With this feature you can restore previous versions of a report or a data source. Currently, version history will allow you to see the date and time the version was created along with the username of who made the changes. Although it does not currently list the changes that were made, it will allow you to select each version and you will be able to see which report version you would like to restore before you restore it.

To see your report version history, you will need Edit access to the report. Once you are in the report you would like to view, Click on “Edit” to get you into Edit mode of the report and then select File in the upper left-hand corner and then select “See Version History”.

To see the version history of your data sources you first need to go to the Data Studio homepage where all of your reports are listed. From there select “Data Sources” from the left side of your screen. Click on the Data Source you would like to see the version history of. Once inside that Data Source in the upper right-hand corner click the clock symbol. You will then be given a fly-out menu with the version history of that data source as seen in the picture below.

Version history is here to make recovering reports or reverting to other report versions a lot simpler. Keep in mind that any reports created before February 15th, 2019 will not be available in the version history.

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