What are Multi-Channel Funnels?

Tony Villanova - June 6, 2017

When someone visits your site or completes an action that is known as a conversion. In Google Analytics a conversion is typically credited to the last action that took place.

For example when someone does a Search for your company, or another website Refers to your website, or an Ad was clicked on, those last interactions get the credit for the conversion.

However, as you may know, most conversions don’t occur during the first visit, they tend to happen after several visits to your site. This is typically due to the user doing research, comparing products or companies, etc. This is where multi-channel funnels come into play.

The multi-channel funnel report helps you understand the different traffic sources that sent visitors to your site during the consideration process. This can include Organic Search, Paid Advertising, Direct, Referral, Display, Social Network, or Other Advertising. This is great because you’re able to see your marketing initiatives that work together to produce conversions.

With multi-channel funnels you can explore which keywords and channels help or initiate a sales cycle, which is known as the “First Interaction” and you can also explore which channels or keywords help close sales, this is known as “Last Interaction”. Additionally, you can look at the action that took place before the sale which is known as “Assist Interaction”.

The reports available in Multi-Channel Funnels are: Assisted Conversions, Top Conversion Paths, Time Lag, and Path Length.

Help uncover more about how all of your digital marketing initiatives work together and start using Multi-Channel Funnels.

Multi Channel Funnels

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