What is Google Analytics Blogging About These Days?

MoreVisibility - February 11, 2010

As a Web Analytics aficionado (and as a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant), we keep our ears and eyes open for all the goings on in the analytics industry. This of course means keeping up to date with the Google Analytics Blog, the best (and official) resource on the web.

They have been pretty busy so far in 2010, so if you’ve missed anything, here’s a list of what they’ve been blogging about so far:

Web Analytics TV with Avinash and Nick – Episode 4
Analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik and Nick Mihailovski talk about tracking Social Media in GA, Advanced Profile Filters, and how anyone can become excellent at Web Analytics.

In Case You Missed It
Jeff Gillis from the Google Analytics team reminds to you read Avinash Kaushik’s “Top Ten Ways to Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays” Blog post over on the official Google Blog.

Google Analytics IQ: Make Sure You’re Searchable
Have you taken the Google Analytics IQ Exam? Have you passed it? Helen Huang from Google Analytics shows you how to make your test record public.

Clicks vs. Visits Revisited
The age-old issue in Web Analytics is revisited and thoroughly explained by
Prissilia Kho and Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar.

Upcoming Seminars for Success in Australia
If you happen to be in the land down under, you won’t want to miss these great Seminar for Success conferences in February and March in Sydney and Melbourne, which is put on by fellow Google Analytics Authorized Consultants.

Raising the Bar on Google Analytics IQ
Alden DeSoto announces that it’s just gotten tougher to become Google Analytics IQ Certified.

Annotations Now Available in All Accounts
Annotations, a brand new feature announced at the very end of 2009, is now available in 100% of all Google Analytics accounts. Insert data in Google Analytics, and enjoy combining GA with your own “tribal” knowledge!

Google Analytics Even More Global
Six more languages have now been added to Google Analytics, bringing the total to 31 different languages to enjoy Google Analytics with.

Web Analytics TV with Avinash and Nick – Episode 5
This dynamic duo is at it again, this time going deep with a 25 minute video discussing a wide variety of Google Analtyics topics, which will really enrich and deepen your knowledge!

Quick Survey on the Help Center
Do you use the Google Analytics Help Center? Help Google help you by filling out this very quick survey, so that Google can improve this help section just for you.

Upcoming Google Analytics Workshop
Are you planning on being in the San Francisco / Bay Area in March for the SMX West Conference? If you are, then you won’t want to miss this great 2-part workshop by Feras Alhou, another fellow GAAC with E-Nor. If you haven’t registered for SMX West yet, you can use the discount code GA@SMX for 10% off!

Barely 5 weeks into the new year, and a lot of things are already happening! Stay tuned to both our blog and the Google Analytics blog throughout the year for more great news!

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