Where are Goals in Google Analytics 4?

Tony Villanova - April 15, 2021

In Universal Analytics, Goals were a way for you to measure conversion points that were important to your business. Goals were View based and had a limit of 20 Goals per View. In GA4 Views and Goals have been removed and in their place are Conversion Events. You have a limit of 30 Conversion Events in your GA4 Property.

The reason for the shift away from Goals and towards Conversion Events is mainly due to the Universal Analytics data model being formed around Sessions, whereas the GA4 data model is Events. The good news about Conversion Events is that you can specify just about any interaction on your website to be a Conversion Event so you won’t be losing any of the functionality that Goals had in Universal Analytics, just a new way to view them.

Although you will not be able to create more Views to track more than 30 Conversion Events in GA4, you can still track additional Events beyond your 30 Conversions that are important to your business and monitor them from the Event reporting section in GA4.

Additionally, within the Event Reporting is where you can easily mark Events that are currently recorded as Conversions and it is as simple as flipping a switch.

If you do not have Custom Events configured in your Google Analytics 4 property that align with your business goals and objectives, reach out to MoreVisibility today to see how we can help customize your GA4 Property and start tracking meaningful Conversion Events!

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