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September 5 2007

Blog Writing – Conversational vs. Formal Tones

by Ashley Bailes

As the benefit of blogs becomes more apparent within the SEO industry, writing styles and tones are increasingly discussed throughout the community. There are a variety of writing styles to be found, depending on the blog’s purpose and topic.

One of the most common writing styles present in this new generation of blogs is the ad-sy blog. But, blogs are not the appropriate outlet for new product announcements, 50% off sales, or the available promotions of a company. Instead, blogs can be used to highlight the intriguing uses or features of a type of product. Composing a blog about a unique use for one of your products and then asking for other ideas is a great way to encourage reader participation and engagement.

Another popular writing style for blogs is formal and packed with useful information. While these blogs are usually chock full of great tidbits and could serve as valuable resources, their presentation (large blocks of text) leaves the audience disinclined to read, let alone comment. While such blogs might contain a plethora of information that could generate massive amounts of inbound links to the site, the fact remains that blogs must be easily readable for such information to be discovered.

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July 10 2007

China Scientists Shut Out ‘Noise’ from SERPs

by Ashley Bailes

Two scientists from the Taiyuan University of Technology in China have created a new search engine technology aimed at reducing the ‘noise’ from search results. ‘Noise’ is an industry term used to denote listings relevant to a search query, but not the end-user’s intended target.

“The returned result’s often contain a wide array of possible intended meanings based on our few words. We might have searched for “scientific discovery cap”. The search engine doesn’t know us, what we were looking for or what we were hoping to find. Did we want scientific discoveries relating to ice caps, ball caps, electric capacitors or something else?” (Full Article: China Develops New Search Engine Technology with Information about You)

This new technology is similar to Google’s Personalized Search, however created ‘search agents’ crawl multiple search engines for both keywords and meta data. This information is configured algorithmically with your personal user profile to produce the results most relevant to your query.

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