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December 16 2014

Introducing Bing’s Universal Event Tracking

by Andrea Hamilton

binguniversaltrackingIn October 2014, Bing announced their latest and greatest advancement – Universal Event Tracking (UET) – a simple, one-pixel solution for tracking events and measuring campaign performance and conversions. UET is now available and ready for implementation with advertisers. The beauty of the UET is that it allows you to track multiple interactions and can be easily associated with your Bing ads by defining goals in Bing’s Campaign Analytics. While site analytics and conversion tracking are available now, remarketing will be added in the coming months.Read More

November 18 2014

Understanding Deep Links In Bing

by Andrea Hamilton

I recently received an email from a client regarding their organic search results in Bing. They had discovered that a few links below their company listing were old and outdated. Within Bing, these sitelinks or “deep links” (as they are referred to by Bing) can be very helpful. As seen in the example below, the search result with deep links allows your listing to take up more “real estate” on the search engine results page, which helps present your business as more of an authority and visually pushes your competition lower on the page.

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