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June 26 2013

Google Releases Dynamic Remarketing to All Advertisers

by Anne Garcia

Google AdWords has released Dynamic Remarketing to all advertisers with Merchant Center accounts. Previously Dynamic Remarketing was only available through limited Beta.

What is Dynamic Remarketing? Dynamic Remarketing allows ecommerce advertisers with Google Merchant accounts the ability to remarket to users who have been to their website and re-engage them by showing banner ads with images of the actual products the visitor looked at. Google uses product images from an advertiser’s Merchant account to populate the products on the banners. In addition, advertisers can customize the banners to their brand by editing the colors and designs and even add their brand’s logo.

In order to implement Dynamic Remarketing, an advertiser must have a Google Merchant account as well as add remarketing code throughout their website.

Dynamic Remarketing ads are more engaging to past website visitors because they show the exact products that the visitor was viewing.

Below is a screen shot that Google provided of Dynamic Remarketing banner ads.

June 24 2013

Facebook to Deprecate Sponsored Stories Ads

by Anne Garcia

Last month we announced that Facebook was testing new, larger ad formats on its social network. Now Facebook is saying that it will cut its 27 ad products by more than half within the next six months in order to simplify advertising on the network.

Sponsored Stories contain a social context to the advertisement as they inform a Facebook user if their friends have engaged with the advertiser on the platform. They typically appear in the right-hand column of pages throughout Facebook, and are also eligible to appear in a user’s News Feed. Sponsored Stories can be shown to Facebook users who already “like” an advertiser’s page or to users whose friends “like” an advertiser’s page. In addition, Facebook users can like the advertiser’s Facebook Page directly from the ad unit or they can click through to the advertiser’s page.

Some of the various Sponsored Stories options are:

  • Page Like Story — shows when a user’s Facebook friend likes the advertiser’s brand.
  • Page Post Story — content is pulled directly from a post on an advertiser’s Facebook page.
  • Sponsored Ad — ad content can be customized and advertisers can send users to a Facebook Page or an external URL.

Facebook also plans to deprecate Facebook Questions and Online Offers as soon as July.

June 18 2013

Use AdWords Auction Insights to See How you Compare Against Your Competition

by Anne Garcia

Google has updated the capabilities for its Auction Insights report so that advertisers can easily see how they stack up against their Google AdWords competition. Previously, advertisers were only able to see the Auction Insights report for individual keywords. Now, Google has announced that advertisers can view the Auction Insights report for a group of keywords, individual or multiple ad groups or at the individual or multiple campaign level.

With this information, advertisers can compare their paid search efforts in terms of impression share, average position, overlap, position above and top of page rates. From there, advertisers can choose to increase maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids and daily budget accordingly.

To see Auction Insights, go to the tab of where you would like to compare your performance data. Select the campaign(s), ad group(s) or keywords you would like to compare against your competition. Next, select the drop down menu under “Details” and choose either Selected or All. A new screen with your Auction Insights report should appear.

Below is a screen shot of an example of an Auction Insights report at the campaign level that is sorted by Impression share.

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