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May 31 2013

Spotted: New Ad Formats on Facebook

by Anne Garcia

There have been new ad formats spotted on Facebook’s news feed with larger images. The dimensions of the new ad format are 308 pixels x 308 pixels. The previous image size was 100 pixels x 72 pixels, which allows the new ad formats to stand out on a Facebook user’s news feed versus the old format.

In addition, Facebook users are able to Like, Comment and Share the suggested post, which may increase the ad’s visibility on the social network to additional users.

It looks like the new ad format size is being rolled out in selected accounts and is not yet available to all advertisers.

Below is a screen shot of the larger ad format in the Facebook news feed.

May 28 2013

Google Testing Ads in Google Maps

by Anne Garcia

Google says that it is testing two ad formats within the updated Google Maps, which was announced earlier this month. The new version of Google Maps is only available by invite-only at the moment, but will be available for both desktop and mobile.

The first format is a search text ad with location extensions that can appear directly on the map and just below the search box, while the second format is a search text ad without location extensions that appears just below the search box.

To insure that your ads are running on Google Maps, advertisers should enable Location Extensions. In addition, the search campaigns should be running within Google Search and Search Partners.

Below is a screen shot that Google provided of the new ad formats within Google Maps.

May 24 2013

Upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns by July 22nd

by Anne Garcia

Don’t forget that all Google AdWords advertisers must upgrade all existing campaigns to Enhanced Campaigns by July 22, 2013 or Google will automatically migrate your current campaigns for you, which may impact your advertising targeting settings.

Google is updating its device targeting by combining desktop and tablet devices under one setting where advertisers will not be able to eliminate one device over another, thus automatically showing ads on both desktop and tablet devices. Advertisers will still be able to “opt-out” of delivering ads on mobile devices by bidding -100% for mobile devices. If Google automatically upgrades your existing AdWords campaigns for you, it may select to opt-into mobile devices without your consent. This will affect advertisers that do not currently have mobile-friendly versions of their site and may spend un-wanted ad dollars.

The search engine has made it simple for advertisers to upgrade existing campaigns by introducing its Upgrade Center, which should be available for all users.  Below is a screen shot of the new Upgrade Center available in Google AdWords.

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