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November 29 2010

How to Win the Frugal Holiday Shopper’s Online Dollar

by Anne Garcia

How to Win the Frugal Holiday Shopper’s Online Dollar

The 2010 holiday shopping season is just around the corner and shoppers are cutting expenses and are savvier than ever with coupon code websites, Groupon specials and social media deal sharing. Here are a few ways to win the frugal holiday shopper’s online dollar.

Since online shoppers are hunting for deals, it is important to have strong and compelling promotions that stand out against your competition. According to Google, these are the most effective promotions that are most likely to drive a sale:

  • Price discounts or sales
  • Free shipping
  • Coupons
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Flexible payment plans

And don’t forget that a good promotion is nothing without effective marketing. Make sure to include your competitive promotions in your marketing messages.  Update your banner and text ads to include a touch of the holidays. Also, it is important to mention the last day shipping and overnight shipping is available in order for deliveries to be guaranteed on time for Christmas.

Allocate extra advertising dollars to your CPC campaigns in order to accommodate for the surplus of online shoppers. If your daily budget is limited, your ads may stop showing early in the day and you may lose out on valuable traffic to your website.

Create campaigns that target holiday keywords in addition to your brand and product-related keywords.  Some examples are, “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, “holiday deals”, “Hanukkah” or “Christmas”.

When visitors get to your site, make sure your holiday promotions are clear and your site is easy to navigate. You don’t want to lose the visitor if he/she has already come this far.

These are a few of the most simple, yet critical ways to increase your sales during the holiday shopping season. Good luck and happy holidays!

November 4 2010

5 Reasons Why Every e-Tailer Should Use Affiliate Marketing

by Anne Garcia

It has become easier than ever to launch an Affiliate Marketing Program for your website. There are numerous Networks and Affiliates eager to start marketing your business in return for a small portion of your sales.

Affiliates work for you, the Merchant, to get more visitors to your website and complete transactions. Affiliates are associated with a specific Network where your Affiliate Program is set up.

Here are the top five reasons why every e-Commerce website should invest in Affiliate Marketing:

5. Increased traffic to your website. As soon as you launch an Affiliate Marketing program, you will see an influx of visitors to your website. An Affiliate’s goal is to advertise your website to drive sales in order to receive commissions. Therefore, they are incentivized to drive as much qualified traffic as possible to your website.

4. Easy to track results. Affiliate Networks make it easy to install and implement tracking pixels on your website in order to determine what leads were generated from their Network and Affiliates. A Network and an Affiliate only gets paid for sales generated from traffic referred by them.

3. Quickly see sales from your Affiliate Program. Starting an Affiliate Program through an Affiliate Network only involves minimal start-up fees and is easy to set up.  Once your program is launched, affiliates can begin sending traffic to your site immediately. Sales and transactions are posted in real-time within the Affiliate Network.
2. Affiliates are like an extension of your Marketing department but work 24/7. Affiliates use different internet marketing strategies to get visitors to your website — the most common are organic search engine optimization efforts, paid search, email blasts and banner advertising. As a Merchant, you can create limitations on the types of marketing efforts Affiliates are permitted to use in order gain traffic and sales.

1. You only pay Affiliates when there is a completed sale or transaction. The top reason why Affiliate Marketing is so beneficial to e-Commerce websites is because you only have to pay an Affiliate when it performs. You determine your commission payouts and do not have to pay for unqualified traffic and/or visitors.

October 19 2010

Google Analytics Trades Site Overlay for In-Page Analytics

by Anne Garcia

Google Analytics has introduced a new feature called In-Page Analytics, which allows you to see your performance data overlaid on your homepage and various web pages as you navigate throughout your site. This new GA product is still in Beta but is available to all English users and has been designed to replace the old Site Overlay. In-Page Analytics can be accessed through the Content tab in Google Analytics.

According to Google Analytics, with In-Page Analytics you can view Clicks, Transactions, Revenue, Goal Value and any Goals that you have set up in your Analytics, based on certain links on your website. Bubbles with a percentage of clicks on the current page will appear next to each of the links on your page.

Just as you can use Advanced Segments (i.e. All Visits, Paid Search Visits, etc.) throughout the Analytics interface, you can segment your In-Page Analytics the same way. You can also apply filters for Visitor Type, Geography/Location, Campaign, Keyword, source or even Browser to get very specific on the type of analytic data you are trying to capture.

In-Page Analytics allows you to visually see your website at the same time as you view your website performance data. You are able to see what different visitor types are clicking on which products or services your company offers, and it is very user-friendly and helpful in analyzing website trends and visitor usability.

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