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June 9 2014

Finding Value in Your Conversion Data to Improve Your Campaign Success

by Brittany Patterson

I often get the impression from e-commerce marketing managers that they are uncertain about which metrics to focus on when determining the performance of their Search Engine Marketing efforts.  The great news is that Google AdWords and MSN/ Bing both offer revenue and conversion reporting directly within the engines and this can really help to narrow your focus.Read More

May 28 2014

Are Your Landing Pages Hurting Your Campaigns?

by Brittany Patterson

We are all busy these days, but are we so busy that we should drive traffic to landing pages that will definitely not convert?  Take a step back before launching a new campaign and put yourself in the shoes of the user.  Imagine the disappointment a user might experience when he or she is highly motivated to make a purchase only to be taken to an unorganized, ugly, or confusing landing page.

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