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November 11 2010

RockMelt Browser – Sharing Introduced to Your Browser Experience

by Carolina Usbeck

Have you ever made an online search and wanted to share one of the results with some friends or clients? or have one location to update several of your social media sites in one place? There is now an easy way to do that and it’s called RockMelt.

RockMelt is a browser currently in beta testing that uses Chromium, which is an open source project provided by Google and which is used to create the Google Chrome Browser. Because it is using Chromium, the browser is fast, secure and even supports HTML5 and CSS3.

Some of the features that RockMelt offers are the ability to view your bookmarks, your feeds and any other account information from anywhere with an internet connection. How they achieve this, is by providing a login account to the browser and storing all your information in the cloud, so it can be accessed from anywhere.

The browser has two sidebars, one on the left and the other one on the right of the browser. The left sidebar displays your favorite friends and the right sidebar displays your accounts, these being your Facebook, twitter, the times, among other accounts.

RockMelt Browser

Even though this browser is only in beta testing, it will continue to grow, improve and possibly become a very important browser, mainly because of its sharing functionalities. This browser can help you maintain your personal, as well as company account up to date by helping you manage your social media accounts from anywhere you are and improve your SEO ranking in the process.


October 28 2010

Creating a Facebook App for your Business

by Carolina Usbeck

Facebook has become a dimension of social media that enables companies as well as individuals to display their information and communicate with their friends and customers.

There are many ways to integrate Facebook to a website by the use of the “like” button or displaying a wall and also creating a page or an application.

To create an application if you are familiar with creating a page is pretty simple, all you need to do is to create a developer account, create an application and customize the profile of the application. The application will be viewable in a url similar to the following “ app name/” and required to have at least one developer account, but many can be added.

There are 2 ways of creating an application and Facebook provides a nice interface to help you choose the type of application you would like. You can either select a frame application, which is the default, or an FBML application. If you plan on keeping it simple, I would suggest using a frame. This gives you the freedom of creating any type of app without the need of Facebook integration. If you plan on integrating Facebook to the application, you will probably require the use of FBML. For both of these set-ups you will need to have a server that will host your application files.

The advantage of having a Facebook application instead of a page is that you can have a lot more content and pages within that content; you can consider it a mini site within facebook. This can help you obtain information from clients by having a contact form and also creating a nicer means to communicate the different products or promotions your company has.

October 14 2010

Google Image Format WebP

by Carolina Usbeck

Google has created a new image format called WebP, which is more efficient than most image formats such as jpegs and can allow a website to load faster and even allow the use of more images.

Google has provided a conversion tool, to convert jpgs and other formats into WebP format. This conversion tool can be installed on linux computers and will soon be available for Windows. What makes this format so especial is the fact that it provides a better compression than the JPEG format does and maintains good quality of the image. This will improve the user experience of a site by allowing a faster page load as well as lower bandwidth use.

Even though this format is still in its beginning stage, it will soon have support for its format in Google Chrome. WebP can become a very important part of the future of web development since it will provide faster load time of websites, which can improve a website’s SEO standing, since it’s one of the elements being considered for page rankings in Google.

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