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June 25 2015

Pinterest’s Unique Take on Video Ads: Cinematic Pins

by Charlie Scholz

The success of video advertising on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms has not gone unnoticed by Pinterest. The popular pinning platform, that is home to 72.8 million monthly active users (as of March 2015), has announced their first paid video solution, “Cinematic Pins”. The platform released “Promoted Pins” in 2014, but until now, there were no video pin options.Read More

April 7 2015

How to Advertise on Reddit and Pick Relevant Subreddits

by Charlie Scholz

You might have heard of a site with a lot of cute pictures of cats, interesting “ask me anything” interviews (known as AMAs) and an infinite amount of topics to browse. This site is called Reddit, and when it comes to linking & social sharing online, it has become the go to platform. Over 151 million unique visitors were “redditing” in February 2015 alone. The best part? You can run paid advertising to reach users relevant to your business. No topic, industry or niche is untouched!Read More

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