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June 9 2015

Facebook Creates Win-Win Platform for Publishers

by Chris Naff

Facebook recently announced the rollout of its latest, exciting feature – Instant Articles. Instead of requiring audience members to leave the platform in order to read an entire article, Instant Articles are already downloaded in the channel and open instantaneously when the audience clicks on the link.

The articles are designed to be very interactive and read in a more mobile-friendly fashion. Ultimately, the goal of this feature is to enhance the user experience.Read More

November 19 2014

How to Stand Out Using Facebook’s Advertising Platforms

by Chris Naff

This is part two of our series addressing the advertising tactics that brands are using in Facebook today. Previously, we discussed some of the reason brands are taking advantage of Facebook’s various advertising capabilities. Now we’ll cover some of the popular options that many brands use.Read More

September 24 2014

The Difference Between Automation & Scheduling in Social Media

by Chris Naff

Do you automate your social media updates? Or do you schedule your updates? If do you one or both, you’re not alone. The two methods sound similar, but there is a difference. The distinction may sound semantic, but it is important to understand these terms.
Read More

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