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August 7 2017

The Latest LinkedIn Updates are Sure to Make Marketers Rejoice

by Christina Fournier

LinkedIn, arguably the world’s largest professional social media network, has long been a favorite platform for many marketers who are looking to reach professionals or a B2B audience. Thanks to some new tools on the platform, reaching specific stakeholders in your customer’s decision-making process just got a little easier. Plus, some new updates that will allow your LinkedIn Posts to be a little more engaging.

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January 3 2017

Chatbots and the “Conversational Commerce” Revolution

by Christina Fournier

The way customers are engaging with brands is changing thanks in large part to the billions of daily users of popular messaging platforms, like Facebook Messenger. These messaging platforms provide marketers with a unique opportunity – the ability to scale creative 1-to-1 customer interactions or “conversational experiences” through the use of chatbot technology.
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March 24 2015

How to Take Your Remarketing Strategy to the Next Level

by Christina Fournier

You’ve already invested money into your online marketing efforts. You’re driving traffic to your website through pay-per-click campaigns. You’re buying email lists and developing quality content to entice click-throughs. You’re building your social media following and are engaging with and promoting conversations with your audience. By all accounts, you are doing everything you can to fill the top of the funnel. But once you get prospects to your site, your active marketing comes to a screeching halt.

Sure, you hit them with your standard remarketing display ad and hope that when they see your logo, they’ll return to your site. But doesn’t it seem a little counter-productive to spend all this time, money and resources to drive traffic, only to turn your marketing efforts on auto-pilot after they’ve become a warm lead?

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