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November 11 2008

How Vital Is Adding New Content?

by Darren Franks

One of the best ways to keep getting a boost in search engine rankings is to always be adding new content to your website. Most SEO aficionados already know this, but it is not always easy to figure out what that new content should be. Coming up with new and exciting ways to keep your content on your website or blog fresh is a challenge for even the most experienced webmasters and SEO experts.

One of the not so obvious ways is to revisit the keyword targeting for some of your pages. Many webmasters don’t realize that performing keyword research shouldn’t just be a one time event and don’t bother to revisit which keywords they are targeting. They should be researching relevant keywords to drive more traffic to the site. Performing new keyword research on your site may present you with additional keywords that you are not already targeting and give you more search engine friendly content.

Even if your site is designed for ecommerce to sell your newest widgets, content should be added to your product pages. I have seen many products pages that display a gallery of products for sale and no description of what the product is. Why not add a paragraph or two to the top of the page to give your potential buyer an idea of what they’re getting?

Basically put, when search engines find new content on your site, they adore it. There are many websites that were created ten years ago and never added another word or image to entice the search engines or new surfers to visit.
Always be committed to adding new content, even if you have to hire a good copywriter to do it. It isn’t just great for the search engines; it’s also helpful to keep people coming back to your site and to get those conversions flowing for your newest product or service.

October 28 2008

The Importance Of Anchor Text

by Darren Franks

So, what do we know about this part of search engine optimization?
We know that including keywords in you anchor text (the visible link text on a page) is important for increasing the relevance of a page that you are targeting, enhancing the relevance of a page the anchor text is appearing on and, among other things, getting on the good side of those search algorithms (search engine algorithms really like good anchor text). For instance, the link “click here” doesn’t pass as much relevance to an internal or external page as “Click Here For Facts About Product XYZ”.

Once someone has made every effort that is possible to get their site optimized (good meta tags, content etc.), anchor text can sometimes be forgotten. It is intelligent to cover your bases so to speak and take advantage of every potential area that you can place good keywords. It is also wise to make sure that your “title” contains all the pertinent keywords that you want to be included in external links pointing to your site. This is the text which is usually included in the anchor text pointing to your site.   The more relevant the text is there, the more your site will gain relevance for that keyword and your site may get a good ranking boost. After all, isn’t that what good SEO is all about? So, don’t leave anything to chance. When requesting a website to link to you, tell them what specific keywords to use in the anchor text. You could even provide them with an HTML code to copy and paste to streamline the process. Remember, quality backlinks are one of the most important things to consider in SEO, so make sure relevant links from relevant sites have the correct anchor text.

It’s been rumored that Google has “devalued” the importance of anchor text and that some sites have lost considerable rankings because of that. We don’t know that for sure as algorithms are changing all the time and it does little good to always focus on what some forum posts are pontificating. What we do know is that devalued or not, anchor text is a great way to add good keyword rich text to your site and have legitimate links pointing to it. It is also evident that the major search engines look at the text surrounding the anchor text. This may be a way for them to combat unnatural, random links placed on a page. So, just keep in mind that anchor text is not just helpful for rankings; it is also good for user experience. Generic, bland links to internal or external pages aren’t beneficial to anybody.

October 13 2008

Patience Is The Key To SEO

by Darren Franks

Search Engine Optimization should be looked at from a long term perspective. One should always ask themselves, “How am I going to benefit from SEO over the next few years?” as opposed to “If I optimize my site today, will it be number one in search engine rankings tomorrow?” Patience is the key to SEO and with the economy in its current state, increasing your website’s visibility by organic means can be beneficial. If implemented correctly, over time, you will start to see your hard work pay off.

For instance, the real estate market is most definitely in disarray from a seller’s point of view. What does someone working in real estate do if their other (more expensive) marketing budgets are drying up? As opposed to gaining the quick satisfaction of alternate marketing techniques, SEO could afford you the luxury of sustaining your presence if your highly optimized website is already ranking well in the search engines and is already getting a nice flow of traffic. SEO, over time, is much more advantageous than most other common advertising strategies (newspapers, magazines etc.). It can also be a lot cheaper too.

No serious Internet business can afford to be without SEO today. It targets consumers who are already searching for what you are offering. Is there any other form of advertising that can be that targeted as cost effectively? Ongoing and highly focused SEO of a website is crucial as the algorithms are extremely volatile. Keeping the content fresh by tweaking your pages will inspire potential returning visitors to spread the word and get you that nice flow of traffic. The future of SEO seems bright indeed as this harsh economic spell will dictate people’s advertising habits. Even though SEO needs constant attention, it still out-weighs the expensive disadvantages of the more expensive marketing campaigns.

So, while performing search engine optimization on your site will never be the “quick-fix” solution, over time it will give you that edge over the SEO-less competitor and that’s no small feat. Developing a good linking strategy, building out new content and making sure that the pages are targeted correctly for its key phrase should deliver desired results in the long run.

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