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January 6 2011

Adwords Rules! Literally

by Fiorella Alvarado

Stayed up until midnight to adjust your Black Friday budget? Worried about bids while on vacationing in the Caribbean? Don’t fret — Adwords Automated Rules has come to your rescue.

The new feature allows advertisers to schedule changes at campaign, ad group, keyword or ad level. You could set up a rule that enables your special promotion ads to appear at the time the sale goes live or maintain first page visibility by raising the maximum CPC when an ad falls below a certain position.

Adwords Rules

Image from Google Adwords Blog

You are limited to 10 active rules and Google does not recommend using Automated Rules for campaigns that have other automatic bid management settings enabled as they could conflict with each other. 

Creating rules makes the management of your Adwords account more efficient since you don’t need to log in every time a change is need. However, you must keep an eye on the rules to make sure they perform as expected and remember that the automated rules do not replace the need for consistent optimization and basic best practices.

December 27 2010

New Design of Facebook Pages Can Help Your Marketing

by Fiorella Alvarado

Facebook has been very busy this month. Last week they released the new design of Profile pages and yesterday we got an accidental glimpse at the future of Fan Pages. What do these changes mean for your business?

Profile Pages
The Facebook advertising model allows you to reach your audience by using targeting options such as location, likes, interests, connections, education, workplace and other personal demographics. However, advertisers can not target their ads to those who don’t take the time to update their information.

The new Profile Pages are now easier to read and update. Profiles have become more visually compelling and personal information is now more prominent. Facebook has found a way to encourage users to supply valuable personal information and give them a reason to keep it up to date.

Fan Pages
We were able to get a sneak peak at the future of our very own Fan Page when Facebook accidently made some pages public for a brief period of time.

The most significant changes we noticed were the following:

  1. No more Page navigation tabs
  2. Navigation is now on the left column (which is narrower)
  3. Likes are more prominent

The new design will also integrate features from Facebook Places, which is a noteworthy feature for businesses with a brick-and-mortar location. The number of check-ins will be displayed below your ‘Likes’ and your Facebook wall will now display a map of your location above the comments.

The new design of both Pages is more engaging and informative than previous versions. Providing more complete personal information on Profile Pages has the potential to increase the size of relevant audiences while new Brand Pages will offer potential Fans easier navigation and location maps. Facebook is always working on improving the experience of users while providing companies new ways to market to them effectively. We can be sure that 2011 will bring more opportunities for you to be successful in this channel.

November 18 2010

Google Adwords Call Metrics

by Fiorella Alvarado

Google is now using the technology behind Google Voice to measure the phone calls that Adwords generates for an advertiser.

This new feature is called Call Metrics and works by assigning a unique phone number for each campaign and inserting it as an additional line of ad copy for desktop and “high-end” mobile devices. The calls are routed to your business phone number, which you select and are then tracked in the interface.

This new feature is only available to a limited number of advertisers, however you can check out your Ad Extensions Tab to see if this option has been made available to you.

Google Adwords Call Metrics

Call Metrics will allow you to track the amount of calls (and duration) to your business as result of your Adwords efforts. Even though Google plans to charge for Call Metrics in the future, being able to more accurately calculate your return on investment will allow for a more refined strategy and allocation of budget.

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