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August 29 2018

Google Ads Parallel Tracking – How it Works

by Jason Brewster

Why Should I Care About Parallel Tracking

It is important to be aware of the new parallel tracking feature because it will be the required, primary tracking method for browsers that support it at the end of October 2018.

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July 2 2018

A Guide to Google Analytics Snippet Versions from 2005 to Today

by Jason Brewster

Google Analytics was first made available on November 14th 2005, (almost 13 years ago!) its usage quickly grew and within almost no time it became the dominant website measurement tool. The scope of its offerings have expanded to include features and new technologies over time. As new features have become available the code that connects your website to Google Analytics (GA) has changed as well. To help you understand the different kinds of code that are used to deploy GA, we have created this all in one guide.

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June 12 2018

GDPR, Google Analytics & User Deletion

by Jason Brewster

You may have heard this one before “Data cannot be deleted after being recorded in Google Analytics”. This is why the technical aspects of web analytics are very focused on getting things right the first time, filtering out potential spammers before they inflate traffic and sometimes finagling the reports to ignore fake traffic that got through despite your best efforts. The Google Analytics User Deletion API can help to remove spam related user data in addition processing delete requests from European users.

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