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April 9 2019

Elevate Your Paid Advertising Campaigns with AI & Machine Learning

by Lisa Hutt

Advertising platforms, including Google Ads, have made great strides over the last several years implementing a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI), called Machine Learning (ML). With ML, algorithms are able to learn and adapt to new information, allowing the platforms to take the collateral we as marketers provide—images, videos, headlines, ad copy—and combine them for the most optimal performance. But how much should marketers trust machines to run their campaigns? Hear what Lisa Hutt, a senior member of our Clients Services team, thinks about this.

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April 14 2016

4 SEO Tactics that Should R.I.P

by Lisa Hutt

If you’re a seasoned SEO practitioner, move on. You are already well aware of the dubious nature of the tactics below (and if you’re not, well then, you might want to reconsider your day job.) But, if you are a marketing manager, business owner or anyone else who relies heavily on others for SEO advice, please make this post a MUST-read before preparing future SEO strategies.

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December 9 2015

Programmatic Advertising: What to Know Before You Get Started

by Lisa Hutt

There’s always a “Next Big Thing” and this year it’s programmatic advertising. Everyone’s talking about its promise, but for many of us it can seem like one big black box fraught with intimidating acronyms like RTB, DSP, SSP and DMP. Just how does it work and what do you need to know before you consider using it. (If you’re not sure what we’re referring to here, check out our post that outlines what programmatic advertising is.)Read More

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