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July 23 2015

You Need An Active Social Media Plan To Convince a Millennial To Buy

by Marisa Spiro

It is increasingly important to market your products and services on more than just your ecommerce website, no matter how clean the site looks or how easy the shopping cart experience is. If you do not keep up an active social media strategy in tandem with your stellar ecommerce site, you may just be missing out on about 80 million* potential customers. WHO ARE THEY? The entire Millennial generation.Read More

July 22 2015

Did Responsive Web Design Influence Purchase Rates?

by Marisa Spiro

Now that you moved your ecommerce website to responsive design, you probably want to start analyzing year-over-year (YoY) insights on purchase behavior. Did the rate of site visitors who completed a purchase increase? By how much? The launch of a responsive website comes with new ways you can utilize Google Analytics. If you previously had separate websites to provide a desktop experience and a mobile experience, you may have been comparing different sites in Google Analytics. Now, you can see all of your data in one place.Read More

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