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February 1 2013

Is Your Company “Plugged-In” to Facebook?

by Meredith Corsillo

So, you have a great company website.  After reading all the hoopla about social media you realize that quality engagement begins with listening to your target audience, so, you decide to set up a company Facebook page.  You’re off to the right “social” start, and now you’re ready to engage!

But just having a Facebook company page is the tip of the social iceberg in relation to obtaining a quality audience to speak with.  If your Facebook company page seems to be having trouble gathering that target audience, consider “plugging-in” your website to Facebook for some super direct, high speed help.

Facebook is all about helping people share their experiences with one another.  When people are looking directly at your website, what better opportunity do you have to ask them to engage with you further, and ultimately share what they found interesting on your site with their entire social network? Without a Facebook social plug-in, people would have to go through a laborious procedure to copy the link of your page and paste it into an email, and send that email to all of their friends.  Facebook offers people an easier way with their social plug-ins which are helpful little graphic tools you get right from the Facebook website that you insert onto your website to provide people on your site a more personalized and social experience, while also giving them a very easy way to see you have a Facebook page and voluntarily connect themselves with it.  Here is an example of the Facebook “like” button plug-in you might see on a website:

But the best social “magic” that happens when people click that “like” button within the social plug-in you’ve inserted onto your site, is that their “like” action will automatically post to their personal Facebook page, which is seen by all of their Facebook friends, thus advertising your page exponentially by word of mouth marketing at no cost to you.  This increases the likelihood that because one potential customer liked your page, their friends will too, increasing your chances of getting more traffic to your site and your Facebook company page.

There are many types of plug-ins offered that serve different social functions such as the “Comments” plug-in which allows people to comment on any piece of your site, the “Recommendations Box” which gives people personalized suggestions for pages on your site they find interesting, or my favorite, the “Facepile” plug-in that displays the Facebook profile pictures of people who have liked your page or have signed up for your site.  This plug-in shows people which of their friends already like your page, as well as how many people all together like your page, thus prompting them to also like your page because it gives them that “I want to be a part of that group too” feeling.

If you want to try some free word of mouth marketing on Facebook and reach way beyond your own sphere of influence, try inserting one of the Facebook social plug-ins onto your website’s homepage to gain more targeted fans at the speed of light.

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