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March 29 2016

Pandora and the Mobile Marketing Revolution

by MoreVisibility

Jason Gueits, Pandora


Ever heard of nomophobia? Nearly all of us have developed this fear and it’s only getting worse. It is the fear of being without one’s mobile device…and you are not alone if you’re thinking, “That’s me.”

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April 9 2014

Protecting Your Website from the Heartbleed Bug: Here’s What to Do

by MoreVisibility

There’s a new bug making its rounds and this is one we’ve all got to worry about. On Monday, a team of Codenomicon and Google Security engineers unearthed an existing vulnerability in OpenSLL data-encryption standard. The flaw allows hacker communities to exploit a ‘keep alive’ or ‘heartbeat’ script used at the transport layer in the Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI) to reveal more data from the server than intended.

In tricking the security software, hackers could write hacks to access additional server data. It was in that additional data, the hackers could steal personal information such as user and password information from the server.

While it looks like only the 1.0.1 and 1.0.2-beta releases of OpenSSL are affected, it’s important to check your site’s vulnerability. Heatbleed bug testing tools are already available here.

I hope your web site passes this test!  If not, visit with your Certificate provider and inquire about revoking and renewing your existing certificate as a possible solution.

As always the case in IT, there is a bright side to a reported bug of such deep reach, and that is allocation of a programmer’s time to fix the software and update. Upgrading security software will bring stronger encryption and greater security of our privacy. In addition, many individuals will update their passwords and hopefully use software to generate one and stop using “Password123”.

November 30 2012

Google AdWords Webinar: Featuring our special guest from Google

by MoreVisibility

What strategies do you have planned to maximize ROI & campaign results in 2013?  With a brand new year just around the corner, how can your company increase profits and elevate online performance?  Hear directly from Google and MoreVisibility on how to improve your AdWords campaign.  Through the use of new tactics and techniques, you will be well on your way to success in 2013.  Don’t miss out on the latest AdWords updates and features — register for our free webinar now.

Join Google and MoreVisibility on Wednesday, December 5th (1pm EST/10am PST) for a webinar on Google AdWords latest trends.  If you are unable to attend this date we are providing an On-Demand version as well.

The webinar will share the most recent features Google AdWords has rolled out and how to put them in play.  We will also discuss specific strategies that advertisers can implement to take advantage of these tools and connect with their target audience.

Sign up for our webinar today.

This 60 minute presentation with Q&A to follow, will discuss:

  • Google’s Display Network — Media made simple through Site Targeting.
  • What is Remarketing/Retargeting and how to set it up in your AdWords campaign.
  • Maximizing the Mobile-targeting options; Advertising on the go!
  • How to track all activities for ROI measurement through Google Analytics.
  • The latest and greatest on AdWords … and much more.


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