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July 29 2015

Best Practices for Custom Campaign Tagging in Google Analytics

by Natacha Kenol

When you’re running multiple online marketing campaigns across several different platforms, you want to be able to measure how well your campaigns are performing by watching for how many users they are bringing in, whether those users are purchasing or taking a desired action on your site, etc.Read More

July 23 2015

3 Key Google Analytics Ecommerce Reports – Part III

by Natacha Kenol

In the final part of this blog series, we will review the Time to Purchase report. This report displays the numbers of days and the number of sessions it takes customers to complete purchasing decisions.

#3: Time to Purchase

The Days to Transaction and Sessions to Transaction tabs show the average number of days and sessions from the first website interaction to purchase. This helps you understand how long it takes someone to buy from your website and whether that behavior is different across different segments of your website customers.Read More

June 16 2015

3 Key Google Analytics Ecommerce Reports – Part II

by Natacha Kenol

In Part 2 of this blog series, we will review the Sales Performance report. As we mentioned last month, the Analytics Ecommerce conversion reports help you understand performance and activity for individual products and product categories, for example which products are selling on your site and whether your marketing efforts are driving conversions. After all, you want to be able to see that your marketing investments are driving sales to your website and increasing your company’s bottom-line.Read More

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