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October 7 2014

Social Meta Tags: The New Optimization

by Robert Kohser

Sure, you’ve optimized your website for search, but have you optimized it for social? When you include social meta tags in the code of your website, you tell the social networks precisely which content to pull from your website when generating a link preview. The result is content that is more attractive and useful for users. Applied correctly, social meta tags can help your content stand out on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest – potentially luring users out of the stream and onto your website.

You’ve likely seen meta tags in action. In this post, we’ll discuss the types of meta tags available on each of the social networks, and how you can add them.

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January 9 2014

Using Responsive Landing Pages for Custom Audience Campaigns

by Robert Kohser

Facebook’s Custom Audience campaigns allow you to target individual users, tailoring your marketing message directly to them. While this is a great advancement in digital advertising, your efforts can be compromised if you’re sending a user to a landing page that doesn’t look good on their device.

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