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January 29 2010

Enhance Your Sponsored Google Ads

by Sonya Wood

Gone are the days of the simple text ads in Google AdWords, with a headline and 2 description lines and the display url. Google now offers several ways to enhance your sponsored ads.

First, geo-targeting ads to a specific location can strengthen your ad because the location will be displayed at the bottom of the ad. For example, this ad is geo-targeted to New York state.


Another way to spruce up your ads is to include the address on the bottom of the ad. This can be done by creating a local business ad. In order to create a local business ad, you will need to create a local business listing on Google. Including an address tells the searchers your exact location without having them look for it all over your site.


Incorporating product images into your sponsored ads is a powerful way to draw attention to your ad. This can be done by creating a Google Base account and linking it to your AdWords account through the Google Merchant Center.


There are many ways to make your sponsored ads on Google more enticing for searchers. No longer is effective ad writing and enticing offers enough. By incorporating these features you can literally stay on top of your competition.

January 18 2010

Business to Business Advertising with LinkedIn

by Sonya Wood

Many of us have used LinkedIn as a way to maintain a professional profile within the social networks. LinkedIn is a great platform to communicate with business professionals and it can also be used to open communications with businesses. By direct communication or joining a group, it is easier than ever to reach important members of any business.

Can businesses use LinkedIn as a way to market to other businesses? LinkedIn DirectAds is an additional channel for business-to-business advertisers to capture qualified visitors. It offers advertisers many targeting options to help qualify the audience. With 7 top level categories, businesses can choose up to 3 of the categories to target, including industry, company size, job function, seniority, age, gender, and geography. LinkedIn is a good option for businesses, because they can target the exact industry, company size and even job function of their potential clients.

Most business to business companies know exactly who they want to target in a company. For example, advertisers may want to specifically reach a marketing manager in an enterprise level company. Creating very custom ad messaging to capture these people can turn them into customers.

LinkedIn DirectAds have no minimum spend requirements and can also be paid via a CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) platform. Similar to Facebook ads, LinkedIn DirectAds can also have images in the body, which helps to brand the message as well as help to gain user attention.

With LinkedIn DirectAds, businesses are able to target qualified decision makers in their industry.

January 7 2010

Advertise Online With a Modest Budget

by Sonya Wood

Think you don’t have a large enough marketing budget to advertise online? With most search engine advertising platforms, there is no minimum to get started. Online advertising has very little cost of entry. Now, what can advertisers do to maximize their modest budgets?

With major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, there are options to set daily budgets. The advertiser has 100% control over what they spend each day. Ad scheduling is another feature that helps advertisers to maximize their budget. By allowing ads to only run during specified hours of the day, marketers can show ads only when they want and not at other times.

Geo-targeting is another tactic to help stretch a smaller budget. By only showing ads to searchers in a specific area, advertisers can limit traffic to their site and conserve their budget for a more qualified audience.

Using negatives will prevent your ads from being displayed when that particular word is searched. This feature will limit clicks from irrelevant searches and help to save marketing dollars. For example, if a company sells men’s jackets, a good negative would be “women’s” so that if someone searches for “women’s jackets”, the ad would not be shown because it is not relevant and the company doesn’t sell that product.

Even with a modest budget, there are many ways to advertise online. By making strategic choices, marketers have the ability to utilize their budget and get great results.

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