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January 31 2011

Leverage Your Facebook Fan Base to Generate Leads

by Taylor Wilson

It has become increasingly understood that having a Facebook presence for your business should be among the top things to be included in your 2011 online marketing efforts. The question is no longer why Facebook is a valid channel, but how to capture leads and generate a return on your investment (ROI).

Creating a loyal fan following within Facebook takes a lot of ongoing commitment, dedication, consistent engagement and strategy. Engaging fans to like your page by offering incentives, promotions or exclusive rewards is one of several ways to build your fan base. But the question that remains is: what do you do once you have your captive audience? Being able to capture fans’ email addresses, names and possibly phone numbers is a great way to get to better know your audience and build your database for other possible marketing efforts.

(Below is a screen shot of how you can capture your Facebook fan’s credentials)

The above custom Facebook tab has a lead generation form built into the design that allows you to easily capture your fan’s information. Building up and creating a Facebook fan base is step one, but it’s how you capitalize on your Facebook fan base and convert them into a sale that is key. Creating a custom Facebook tab that allows your fans to engage by asking questions as well as providing their contact information is great way to continue to build a relationship with your customer base outside of Facebook.

January 20 2011

How to Effectively Reach all of Your Mobile Users

by Taylor Wilson

Is it possible that mobile marketers are neglecting individuals who don’t own a Smartphone? We all know by now that mobile marketing is the dawn of the new age and before we know it everyone will have a Smartphone, but until that day how do we make sure to capitalize on all mobile users?

Despite the extreme growth in Smartphones, standard text messaging is still the standard in the majority of mobile contracts. According to ABI Research, more than 7 trillion text messages will be sent around the world in 2011. Until the day that flip phones become extinct, the most effective way to obtain and carry on a two-way engagement via a mobile device with a large audience is through text messaging.

Successful SMS campaigns require strategic planning and consideration, but when executed properly you can achieve great success. SMS campaigns allow businesses to interact with customers on all different levels, whether it’s supplying them with advance notice of an upcoming promotion, a reminder of an event, or a special exclusive offer only for them, you can achieve instant communication on all levels.

The more you know about each of your consumers the more effectively you can target them. Ask your database for additional demographic information, personal interests, location and/or behavioral habits. This will make it easier for you to market to a person rather than just a number. Making sure the message is pertinent to your customer is key; otherwise you will become an annoyance and potentially lose fans.

Effectively segmenting out your audience and delivering them unique messages based on the profiles you created will help you most effectively capitalize on their needs and wants. Knowing your customers will help you maximize your marketing spend; create higher customer engagement and loyalty. Just be sure to monitor your frequency of messaging and avoid bombarding or overwhelming your customers.

January 3 2011

Two Easy and Effective Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Following

by Taylor Wilson

We all know by now that Facebook has become the dawn of the new age and creating a Facebook presence for your business should be a staple in your online marketing efforts. The question is no longer why Facebook is a valid channel to venture into, it’s how do I grow my Facebook Fan Page following?

The truth is this isn’t something that can be easily achieved overnight. It takes time, strategy, dedication and an ongoing commitment to build up a Facebook Fan base.

Below are a couple tips that will help your business grow their Facebook Fan following:

#1: Ongoing Commitment and Consistent Engagement
Creating a great first impression is vital. When prospective fans review and select Facebook pages to “Like’, quality content and active engagements may heavily impact their decision to “Like’ your page. Other factors that may impact their thinking when deciding whether or not to “Like’ a page include brand image or recognition. If their fellow Facebook connections have “Liked” your page, there is regular posting of new information or content and steady engagement from the administrator, your page has every reason to be “Liked”.

#2: Offer Incentives, Promotions or Rewards to Your Fans
Encourage fans to “Like’ your page in order to receive ongoing promotions or incentives. Offer your fans an exclusive offer that people who don’t “Like” your page won’t be privy to.

(Below is a screen shot of how you can offer incentives only to those who “Like” you page)

Rewarding your fans with special deals and incentives for their continued support will encourage them to spread the word to their friends by sharing the content and persuading them to “Like” your page as well.

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