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December 29 2011

SEO & SEM… Where To Start?

by Tiffany Weimar

One of the advantages of paid advertising is the ability to show up in the search results and through display channels very quickly. Thus, unlike SEO, paid advertising makes it possible to get virtually immediate traffic to a website.

In most cases, an effective Search Engine Optimization program requires a greater upfront investment.  However, the long-term benefits can exceed those of paid advertising in that, as soon as a paid advertising campaign is turned off, your site will no longer display in the search engines and receive traffic. 

Paid advertising gives you the ability to monitor and adjust your ad spend on a consistent basis.  Conversely, a successful SEO strategy gives you the ability to “own” organic real estate over time.  Please note though, SEO is often referred to as a “moving target”.  SEO requires constant attention and effort.  Whether it is blogging, submitting articles, link building or being active in Social Media, Search Engine Optimization needs to be tended to by an individual or team of individuals in order to be successful.  

In conclusion, most profitable online marketers are heavily involved with both SEO & SEM.  As a result, they benefit from receiving consistent traffic to their website, while meticulously working to garner better positions for important keywords in the Natural results.

July 27 2011

Become A Social Media Brand Ambassador

by Tiffany Weimar

Become a Brand Ambassador 

Social Media management for business isn’t always easy.  Often, companies don’t have the resources to devote to a planned-out strategy; one that is current, relevant & competitive.  Businesses know they need to commit to this brand builder (social media), but can’t figure out how to work it into their laundry list of management “to-do’s”. 

Despite the challenges, more and more organizations are figuring out a way to get involved in Social Media.  They understand the value.  It isn’t solely large corporations either.  Companies both small and large are realizing the vehicle’s importance and are putting drivers in place to build their brands and reap the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. 

Some companies hire part-time employees, others hire college interns.  But the involvement role that always impresses me most is when company executives play a major role in social media management.  From the consumer perspective, management having an active part in social media creates an immediate connection.  Seeing a multi-million dollar corporation CEO reach out to customers makes a bold statement about the company’s values and management philosophy.

How can management be involved?

Because of the viral nature of social media, it is becoming increasingly important to monitor and be active in the channels you establish.  If a customer is unhappy, you should expect that they will let the world know through your corporate Facebook Page or Twitter Profile.  Companies’ (and better yet, executives’) ability to react to discontented consumer issues through Social Media is an excellent brand building and customer service management tactic.  Remember to listen and react to all individuals.  The process will help you to identify happy customers as well—your brand advocates.

Another great way management is getting involved in Social Media is through Twitterchats or “Tweet-Ups”.  For those who are unfamiliar, Twitterchats can be established by any company, at any time.  MoreVisibility’s #mvchat takes place each Thursday from 3:30-4pm (est).  Each week, our management team selects a certain online marketing topic to discuss.  It’s the perfect time for MoreVisibility’s Executive Team to interact with clients, industry enthusiasts, brand followers and prospective clients.  If you would like to read more about Twitterchats, check out our June Newsletter article, “Twitter Parties/Chats: What Are They & How Can They Help My Business?” by our Executive Vice President, Danielle Leitch.   

Where are we seeing the most involvement?   

One of the more popular channels we see C-Level contribution in Social Media is through Twitter.  Because of the immediacy of Twitter, it requires a more intimate involvement.  However, don’t allow this to discourage you from being active as a manager.  The ability to manage Social Media accounts via mobile devices creates an awesome opportunity for even the busiest on-the-go executives. 

Becoming a brand ambassador as a manager is mutually beneficial for the individual and company.  Not only can you position yourself as an industry expert, but you also strengthen the company’s brand in the process.  Lastly, know that all companies can be engaged with Social Media regardless of regulations and internal complications.  Though some industries can be involved more than others, there is always a way to gain visibility if Social Media is managed and utilized correctly. Communicate, train and strategize to be successful. View Social Media as a way to become a brand ambassador.  Look at it as an opportunity to connect, communicate & get real-time feedback from the individuals who matter most—your customers.

April 6 2011

SEO Impact of Google’s 1+…To Be or Not to Be?

by Tiffany Weimar

Google recently introduced its +1 program.   Those following the update have commented that +1 is in response to Facebook’s “Like” button, a way to boost ad rankings according to the “likeability” of an ad.   I agree that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the finer marketing tactics at our disposal today.   Simply put, if a trustworthy contact recommends a business or service, you may be more apt to finding out more about it.  

Similar to the impact that a “recommendation” has on a service/product for companies on LinkedIn, Google’s 1+ allows individuals to view people that have endorsed a website.   The major difference is that Google is now displaying this feature directly in search results.    

The visual below illustrates where the “1+” button is located.   Once you click the icon, a small window appears for you to enter your public profile information.   The check box below the open fields gives you the option to share your endorsement across the web.

SEO Impact of Google’s 1+…To Be or Not to Be?

In order to participate in Google’s 1+ program, you must have a public Google profile.   The unique feature, and one that I appreciate as an advocate of consumer privacy, is that you are able to control whether or not people can see websites that you have “1+”.   The 1+’s are kept in your profile, and you can choose whether to keep them private (and store them as a library of your favorite places on the web) or share them with the online universe.  

Is Google’s 1+ all that it’s cracked up to be?   Most people involved in the conversation are mainly focused on its impact on search engine results, for both organic and paid search.   Here’s the debate: quality score will improve for websites that have been recommended, thus impacting your ad position/ranking.   At this point in time, I’m not fully convinced that there will be a tremendous impact on SEO results.   However, we will continue to monitor the progress of the program and its impact.   It will be interesting to see how Google factors this new feature into their algorithm to determine website search rankings.   I’m sure there will be continued debate and discussion on Google’s 1+ program as it gains popularity and traction.   Until then, happy “1+ing”!

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