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December 29 2015

3 Tips for Effective Facebook Strategies

by Tony Fazzini

A common concern we often hear from new clients is “we’re not receiving the engagement from our users we are looking for on Facebook.” Facebook engagement can be a challenge – especially if your company doesn’t have a good strategic foundation for using the channel. Here are three tips for an effective Facebook strategy:Read More

December 23 2015

How to use Goal Funnels to Learn User Behavior in Google Analytics

by Tony Fazzini

Companies spend a lot of time creating processes for their users to complete goals on their website. But how do you measure the effectiveness of these process funnels? Do users complete the process at a desirable rate? Are there large drop-offs within the process?

To learn this, Google Analytics allows you to construct Goal Funnels within the Administrative section. Read More

November 25 2015

5 Mobile Website Tips for Better Conversion Rates

by Tony Fazzini

As more and more users leverage mobile devices, companies struggle to create a great user experience. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when trying to create a favorable mobile experience:Read More

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