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September 24 2021

Google to Improve Search Terms Report With Privacy in Mind

by Jill Goldstein

Back in September of 2020, Google announced that they would be reducing visibility in their valuable search terms report. The reason for this change was “to maintain standards of privacy and strengthen protections around user data.” While this was a valid cause for change, it was concerning to advertisers to lose full transparency into exactly what searches resulted in their ads being shown, clicked and converted on. However, times have changed and expectations for privacy is higher than ever.

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September 22 2021

Walmart Releases Details About New Advertising Platform

by Chuck Forbes

You did not read the headline wrong. Walmart, the well-known retail chain, unveiled plans that will allow advertisers to use its first-party data for campaigns on a new platform called Walmart DSP. Walmart has built its platform using tech from the software company The Trade Desk, matching their shoppers information and details to categories and targeting options.  

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September 20 2021

Six Long-Running Social Channels That Are Dead in 2021

by April Nelson

At one point, these were all popular social networking sites with devoted users. See who is on the list and who had the most longevity.

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