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July 10 2024

Maximize Your Search Campaign Performance with Google’s New Query Matching Updates

by Jill Goldstein

Breakthroughs in AI are revolutionizing Google Search, offering advertisers enhanced ways to reach customers. Google’s continuous improvements to AI-powered broad match have led to a 10% increase in performance for advertisers using Smart Bidding in the last six months. To make these benefits more accessible, Google is introducing four key updates to query matching and brand controls.

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July 5 2024

You Should have a Contingency Plan for a Cyber Attack that Includes Your Website, Search, Digital Marketing, and Analytics

by Matt Crowley

Many organizations have continuity plans and know how they will respond to a cyber-attack. However, we haven’t seen many that include digital marketing in those plans. If your organization receives a significant amount of traffic from search, social, and advertising efforts, do you have a plan for how to redirect that traffic immediately if your website is compromised?

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June 5 2024

Google Marketing Live 2024: A Quick List of Announcements to Get Excited For

by Jill Goldstein

This year’s Google Marketing Live was one for the books! A ton of great product announcements were made, all showcasing how AI is transforming every aspect of digital advertising. Below you’ll find a quick list of the announcements I was most excited about.

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