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November 8 2023

3 Questions to Consider When Using GA4 Calculated Metrics

by Harrison Mateika

In October, GA4 began rolling out a new calculated metrics feature. This feature will allow users with Administrator and Editor permissions to create metrics based on formulas utilizing other metrics. Once created, these calculated metrics are accessible in every place where reporting and custom metrics are available including in Reports, Explore, and the GA4 Data API (meaning that it should also be available to dashboard users as well). For a standard property, GA4 limits the number of calculated metrics to 5, while 360 properties get a limit of 50.

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October 4 2023

HIPAA Concerns with Google Analytics? Consider These Options

by Matt Crowley

On December 1st, 2022, the HHS Office for Civil Rights issued a bulletin related to the use of online tracking technologies by HIPAA covered entities. This bulletin seemed to be intended to provide some clarity on the obligations of HIPAA covered entities (organizations) when using online tracking technologies on their websites and mobile apps. Though this guidance seems to cover all tracking technologies, they made sure to specifically mention Google Analytics (GA) and the Meta Pixel in their announcement.

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September 18 2023

An Open Letter to Google Ads Advertisers

by April Nelson

September 18, 2023

An Open letter to Google Ads Advertiser

To me, the most important thing when a Google search takes place is to figure out what the user’s “why” is, the intent behind their query. With decades of experience on the front line of search, a trend I have seen consistently is that digital advertisers want nothing to do with irrelevant impressions of their ads and the wasted dollars that can come along with it.

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