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February 19 2024

Marketing Agencies: More Critical than Ever

by Sergei Kogut

In the world of marketing, staying ahead isn’t just a bonus – it’s essential. Enter Google Analytics 4 (GA4), a global game-changer that promised to revolutionize the field with its potential, albeit presenting us with a fair share of hurdles so far. This transition highlights the critical role agencies like ours play in guiding businesses through the complexities of adopting new technologies. As part of the analytics team at MoreVisibility, I’m here to share why partnering with an agency like ours is your best bet in navigating this new landscape.

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February 14 2024

The Website Development Shift of Mobile-First Ecommerce

by Chuck Forbes

People are on their phones more than ever before, but it is due to the rapid growth of technology that Ecommerce brands now find themselves selling through the phone. Mobile devices come equipped with operating systems that make it easy for users to browse and purchase in just a few clicks – Apple Pay and Google Pay are examples of this.

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February 7 2024

Types of Email Marketing Automation

by Chuck Forbes

Email marketing provides marketers with many ways to connect with consumers. This is best done through automation – setting up email campaigns with certain triggers and rules to serve personalized messages. With people having multiple email addresses and inboxes being saturated with promotional emails, using automation correctly can be key to increasing your open rates and engagement. From my experience working with clients, here are four types of email automations that work well to engage with customers and increase ROI:

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