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November 2 2020

Tips on Ranking for Featured Snippets

by Michael Bergbauer

What are Featured Snippets?

Featured Snippets, or Answer Boxes, are formatted “card style” results from Google that provide users with succinct answers to search queries. The goal of Featured Snippets is to direct users to useful information quickly – reducing the need to skim content to pinpoint what they need. To create this type of result, Google pulls a short excerpt (snippet) from the ranking webpage’s content that it determines is relevant to the user’s query – no structured markup required.

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October 30 2020

New Custom Audiences in Google Ads

by Jill Goldstein

One of the most important aspects of digital campaigns is your audience. Who do you want seeing your ads, and how are you going to reach them? Google recently simplified that very process with their new custom audiences.

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October 28 2020

Analytics Account Change History Update

by Tony Villanova

Recently Google rolled out an update to the Change History section that can be found under the Account column in your Admin area.

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