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March 31 2022

What is a Data Threshold in GA4?

by Matt Crowley

When navigating the new GA4 interface to analyze data, especially when you are using the new Explore section to create custom reports, you are likely to come across a new type of alert called a data threshold.

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March 30 2022

Digital Marketing Insights for Older Demographics

by Chuck Forbes

The fifty-five and older demographic is often advertised to the least or neglected all together when finalizing both paid and organic digital strategy. If this demographic truly serves your business no purpose, then naturally allocating a large number of resources doesn’t make sense. However, if they can be a part of your business model and help your sales grow, but you haven’t explored the potential of this demographic – here are further insights on why it may be worth doing.

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March 25 2022

3 Key Differentiators: Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4

by Nicholas Hooker

Understanding a new robust analytics platform like Google Analytics 4 can be quite challenging for a marketer who has worked with Universal Analytics for most of their career, but should not discourage you. This new generation of Google Analytics has fundamental and complex changes which will require a learning curve. This is not to say you should abandon Universal Analytics, but rather start tracking Google Analytics 4 in parallel.

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