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March 21 2007

The Google Phone is Coming

by MoreVisibility

Google has been offering various applications for mobile devices, but it looks like they are about to get much more involved with the mobile industry. For months, there has been speculation that Google will enter the mobile phone arena, and now it looks like a reality — Google Exec confirms phone in the labs

Mobile Maps, Mobile email, and Mobile Search have been gaining traction recently, and Google’s entry into the mobile phone arena should only speed up the adoption of these newer technologies with the masses. In addition, Google will be sure to strike partnerships with mobile carriers, which should help to price the unit affordably.

Google’s decision to develop a mobile phone further validates the huge potential the Mobile Industry offers for online marketers.

March 21 2007

Linking Can Be Scary!

by MoreVisibility

Linking and link building can be scary stuff. Constantly, I hear people talk about being penalized for aggressive linking or getting into trouble by using link farms and link exchange programs that are just bad news. The question here is “How do I know if a link is one that will improve my rankings, or one that will end up causing irreparable damage?” In an effort to bring some clarity to a frustrating situation, I have listed below some things to look for when considering a link.

The thing to consider above all else is relevancy. In other words, is the site that I want to link to me somehow related to the content on the page? If not, forget it. Links from pages that are not related to your content in some way, are not going to be counted. Other things to consider include:

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March 20 2007

Optimized Landing Pages are not Optional

by MoreVisibility

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when optimizing a search engine marketing program. It is never as simple as just building a campaign in Google and turning it on. Yes, a quick-launch campaign will drive traffic to your site — but search engine marketing is about conversions. For those of us who want more than just traffic, we need to be willing to get involved on a deeper level.

This means that we need to be willing to think about where we’re sending that traffic. Getting the right people to click (though a critical task) is only half the battle. The other half involves getting them to fill out your form or purchase your product. Focusing on one half of the process to the exclusion of the other is a common — not to mention costly — mistake.

That’s why the importance of having optimized landing pages for your paid search traffic cannot be overstated. The following are some basic tips that can get you on the path to optimization.

1. Tailor the message on your landing page to reflect the message in your ad copy.
2. Use the keywords that brought searchers to your landing page on your landing page.
3. Keep it brief — less copy equals more conversions.
4. If you’re using a form to generate leads, keep it simple. Too many fields will drive searchers away.

Try to remember that the perfect ad copy attached to the perfect keyword is likely to generate well-qualified clicks — but clicks can’t be deposited into your checking account. Don’t forget the importance of landing pages, and the integral role they play in turning those clicks into cash.

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