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Digital Advertising is a rapidly changing field rife with opportunities, but it takes expertise and experience to run optimal campaigns. When engaging in Paid Digital, such as paid search, display media, social media advertising and remarketing, it’s extremely important that your efforts are backed by knowledge and strategy. Here, our Digital Advertising experts provide the tips and information you can use to improve your campaigns, and your ROI. To stay up to date on our search engine marketing blog, subscribe to our feed.

October 30 2020

New Custom Audiences in Google Ads

by Jill Goldstein

One of the most important aspects of digital campaigns is your audience. Who do you want seeing your ads, and how are you going to reach them? Google recently simplified that very process with their new custom audiences.

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October 26 2020

Google Releases New Frequency Reporting Metrics for Video Campaigns

by Monica Simmons

Google recently announced that new reporting metrics are now available within the Google Ads platform to better report on video campaigns; more specifically, to report on video ad frequency. Since serving ads in excess can be a waste of marketing dollars (as well as a frustration to potential clients / customers), it’s important to be able to really understand how many users are seeing ads – and how often.

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October 22 2020

What Makes A Great Client Relationship?

by Marissa Dilione

I manage a select grouping of clients here at MoreVisibility and want to share some insights on how we best help these organizations to accomplish their goals.

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