10 Pros of Programmatic Advertising

Chuck Forbes - January 11, 2024

Programmatic advertising is advertising that has a strategy reliant on technology to buy and sell the ad space. While your advertising team creates copy and the creative, ultimately the programmatic algorithm where you are running ads will determine when and where to place your ad. Programmatic advertising was created to focus on two factors: efficiency and precision. If you are not currently running programmatic advertising, here are the top 10 “pros” this ad unit can provide:

  1. Real-Time Bidding – Programmatic advertising uses real time auctions that take each advertiser’s bid and sells them to the highest bidder in real-time. This maximizes relevance to the user (helping to gain more clicks) and speeds up the ad buying process for advertisers, so your ad is shown in relevant times and more often.
  2. Data-Driven Targeting – Your ads will take advantage of precise audience segments from the programmatic platform that feature data on demographics, user behavior and user interests. Because of these targeting options, advertisers can ensure ad placements are being used on relevant audiences.
  3. Automation – Programmatic advertising allows marketers to spend more time focusing on creativity and overall data analysis because a lot of the manual work is removed. With the ad buying process automated, this is a big benefit for small advertising teams who have a long list of ads to manage.
  4. Cross-Channel Integration – Programmatic doesn’t just mean the ad buying process is automated, but also the ad placement. Your ads will automatically be rendered correctly and displayed across multiple channels of your choosing, including display, video, social, streaming platforms and traditional television.
  5. Dynamic Creative – Programmatic platforms will offer dynamic creative, automatically changing content in real-time to try and gain more clicks based on the ad placement and the user demographics. There are restrictions you can impose, so the advertiser does not lose full control, but artificial intelligence has the power to change creative in real-time can yield better, faster results.
  6. Dynamic Messaging – Similar to dynamic creative, programmatic platforms also have the ability to tailor your message or copy to a certain demographic or ad placement, with the goal of better ROI.
  7. Fraud Detection – Due to the nature of programmatic advertising and having an automated process, platforms that feature programmatic ads have stepped up their fraud prevention technology. This ensures they do not lose ad revenue and reputation and ensures the advertiser the impressions and clicks are real.
  8. Real-Time Campaign Metrics – Programmatic platforms also let you see campaign data in real-time. Unlike other platforms that may take 24 hours to a few months to show complete performance, advertisers can take advantage of real-time optimizations.
  9. Private Marketplaces – Also called PMPs, private marketplaces are exclusive auctions within the programmatic platform that only a select group of advertisers have access to. If you fit the criteria for that platform, private marketplaces help drive up the quality of the ad placement because the winning bid will be guaranteed a high traffic spot that is relative to their preferred audience.
  10. Multiple Exchange Bidding – Some programmatic platforms offer the option to optimize the auction process further by selling ad inventory across multiple ad exchanges at once. This in return secures spots for the ads and allows the advertiser to expand the reach of their placements without any manual work.

As you can see, programmatic advertising is not just a type of ad campaign, but a transformative environment that combines human creativity with the knowledge of machine learning. I like to think of programmatic advertising as the chameleon of ads – given your parameters and audience, it will do the rest and change appearance in real-time.

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