One Size Does Not Fit All: 3 Tips to Keep in Mind When Crafting Your Interactive Marketing Strategy

Tiffany Weimar - March 29, 2011

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression before and it’s true.  One size certainly does not fit all.  This statement is fitting and should be kept in mind when crafting an online marketing strategy for your business. 

When individuals seek advice from our team at MoreVisibility, we would be remiss to suggest a “cookie-cutter” formula to achieve online marketing success.  Each industry, business, and client not only has different marketing goals but each may have to take a different path or approach to reach individual targets.  For this reason, an interactive marketing plan should be customized according to the specific needs and objectives of any company.

Although your marketing budget often determines what you are able to accomplish in a given time period, keep in mind that all visibility doesn’t require considerable amount of resources (monetarily that is).  Much of what we do as marketers online, especially in the social media realms, require human capital.

    1. For one, be sure to take advantage of the “free” marketing opportunities that can help to give your company increased exposure.  Social media channels, if managed correctly, can be awesome brand builders.  Basic profile creation will not have a giant impact on your wallet, however, do be realistic and understand that social media outreach is only effective if you are willing to put in considerable time to manage each channel.  Often times, human resources are limited and prevent companies from being able to focus consistently on their efforts.   
    2.  Credibility is extremely important for online presence.  I say this speaking mainly about website design.  Don’t spend so much time trying to have a presence in every aspect of online marketing (paid placement advertising, custom social media pages, etc..) that you forget about improving the usability, design, and functionality of your website.  Keep in mind that your website, in essence, is your “final destination”.  It is the place where individuals are directed to through all other online and offline efforts.  Ensuring that your brand and message is consistent from channel to channel (and to your website) is important to building brand credibility. 
    3. The third and perhaps most important tip to remember is that marketing plans aren’t static.  The interactive marketing industry is an evolving market and one that consistently fosters new and innovative tools and opportunities.  For this purpose, it is always best to adjust and add to your online marketing mix.  Look for new industry trends, a topic that MoreVisibility’s President, Andrew Wetzler, speaks about in “Change Your Internet M.O. & Discover Your Mobile Mojo“, recently featured in our March Newsletter.

Whether you are new to online marketing or have been following the industry for years, it is always a good idea to review your online marketing plan.  Start by clearly identifying your audience/market, define (or redefine) your goals (often helpful to track through adding Google Analytics onto your marketing campaigns), and pinpoint which online marketing channels would be best to reach your targets.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to accomplish and have a presence everywhere, if your budget doesn’t allow it.  Start with improving your website (your “final destination) and work diligently to create brand awareness in other areas of online marketing when the time and budget permits.

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