5 Benefits of Dynamic Search Ads

Jill Goldstein - April 3, 2017

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are one of the most under-utilized and under-appreciated campaign types in Google AdWords. Designed to cover the promotion of products and services on your website without extensive keyword maintenance, DSA is a great solution for the marketer on the go. Learn some of the main benefits of using Dynamic Search Ads and contact your MoreVisibility Strategist if you would like to complement your current search efforts with this highly-efficient campaign-type!

  1. Save Time: So long are the days of having to map out keywords to ads to landing pages. By simply selecting the pages on your website that you want to promote, AdWords does the hard work of keyword selection and headline generating.
  2. Show relevant headlines: When a user’s search is relevant to the page you want to promote, AdWords will dynamically generate a headline using keywords from both the search and your landing page. This results in a very relevant headline likely to increase overall CTR and quality score.
  3. Constant, automatic updates to your ad copy: AdWords will regularly crawl your website for additions and changes in the content. This keeps ad copy fresh and relevant to your landing pages.
  4. Campaign control: Ads can be shown based on a variety of targeting options. You can target all pages of your website, specific pages using titles or strings of text within the URL, pages containing certain words and the newly added option of a page feed. A page feed is a spreadsheet containing the URLs you would like to focus targeting on. You can target the entire feed, or just parts of it. For example, adding a label to pages with “High ROI” will allow you to promote pages with that label only.
  5. Expand your search reach: Keywords can only capture so much. By targeting pages of your website, you achieve reach beyond the keywords that you bid on, resulting in more traffic to your website.


Pro tip:

  1. Combine Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA): Looking to test Dynamic Search Ads but are unsure of expanding your reach to new users and searches? Try combing DSA with RLSA. This will allow you to get in front of your target audiences as they search for content you wish to promote that perhaps your current keywords aren’t covering.

Dynamic Search Ads

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