6 Tips for Writing Great AdWords Ads

Shanine Dorta - December 21, 2016

Writing compelling ad copy can be challenging. Writing compelling ad copy while being limited to a certain number of characters may seem impossible.

I can’t use the word FREE?
I’m not allowed to abbreviate long words?
I’m limited to only 25 characters in my headline?

Certainly, you want to be the advertiser whose ad gets clicked and eventually receives that prized conversion. But how do you stand out among others on the results page? Following are a few ideas to help increase your click-through rate and maintain a high quality score.

Highlight what makes you different

Are you an eCommerce business that offers free shipping? Has your business recently received a special certification or accolade? Mention this in your ad to show people that you’re unique from the competition.

Feature prices and promotions

People want to know off-the-bat how much the product or service they are searching for will cost them. If you’re transparent from the get-go, you’ll help the consumer decide if they want to do with business with you. Doing this will also help to eliminate unqualified traffic to your website.

Include a clear call-to-action

Do you want someone to call you? Do you prefer they request a quote? Tell them! By using clear calls-to-action you’re telling the user what the next step will be once they’ve clicked on your ad.

Incorporate a keyword

Featuring a keyword in your ad copy can help you show your ads to the right customer. If a consumer is looking to buy black pants and they see “Black pants for sale” in your ad, they’re likely to click on your ad. (Now, imagine if you’ve also listed pricing and “Free Shipping” in your ad as well.)

Ensure your landing page aligns with your ad copy

If your ad highlights “red hats for sale” the landing page that your ad points to should feature only red hats. This allows for a positive user experience where the consumer can move seamlessly down the purchase funnel. Plus, it ensures a high quality score with Google.

Optimize your ad for mobile

Depending on the type of business you have, your audience might be searching for you on mobile. Make sure you include location information and a click-to-call feature so that your potential customers can easily find or call you.

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