7 Usability Guidelines for Better Landing Pages

Gaby Velasquez - December 27, 2016

The digital world is growing and having an optimized landing page design layout is the way to attract new customers and bring in revenue. Whether your goal is to drive sales, increase leads, or build brand recognition, focusing on customer user experience is key. Here are 7 tips to make an efficient, conversion-oriented landing page.


Strategy and Plan

Before we start thinking about design it’s very important to have an objective for our project. It’s also important to establish goals and success metrics, such as the amount of time you want a visitor to stay on your website or which pages are considered more important. Good design starts with great planning. Drawing the wireframes for your landing page on paper or in a digital format will help with the design process before moving forward with the production phase.


Keep your logo strategically positioned on the page. Your logo is the soul of your website and it needs to be prominently placed. It’s important for the user to know who you are.

Visual Hierarchy

Organize your elements in a way where the eye can flow naturally – balancing elements yet creating a contrast of elements, fonts and images. Use a grid and the aforementioned wireframe to help your design look clean with a simplistic layout. You don’t want the user to become confused or distracted. Clean and simple is the best way to go.

Responsive Design

This progressive enhancement allows for your website to respond, and adapt to, any screen size. It’s a new way of thinking that combines adjusting screen resolutions, flexible layouts, fluid images, custom layouts, media queries and development codification. The Internet has increasingly become a multi-device world and, therefore, your design should display properly on any device: mobile, tablet and desktop.

High Impact = Clean Design

Your landing page is the first face for your business. A bad design can create a bad impression for your users.

  • Simplify your website’s navigation
  • Feature a prominent form (if you desire obtaining additional information about your visitors)
  • Use readable and easy-to-digest content and clean website fonts
  • Reduce the amount of links and big paragraphs of text
  • Include custom calls-to-action
  • Use images and iconography to grab people’s attention

Treat Your Audience

Use social media icons and other information about your company on the footer of the page to say, “Hi, I exist.” This add credibility and will help to boost conversions by giving people the opportunity to see what else you have to offer.


Think about the size of your website and its scrolling time. You can choose between long or short scrolling. For example, if you want to increase sales, implementing a long but spacious landing page would be easier in order to create a complete presentation of your product or service. If you’re selling a simple product or service, focus on a short version which is more succinct and “right to the point.”


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