How the Google Tag Manager Simplifies a Search Engine Marketer’s Job

Anne Garcia - October 16, 2012

We recently announced that Google has released a new, free tool called Google Tag Manager (GTM), which was developed to simplify the process of implementing conversion coding to your site.  This new tool, once implemented, allows marketers the ability to install pixels like conversion tracking code or remarketing tags, without having to know how to develop website code or requesting your IT department to install code and the lag time that entails.

A number of advertisers are not able to properly track site visitors, lead generation or even transactions due to the challenge of implementing conversion tracking code from search engines like Google AdWords or Bing Ads. With Google Tag Manager, marketers can copy and paste conversion tracking code into the GTM interface. And although Google Tag Manager is a Google product, it works with other advertising platform conversion code (i.e. Bing Ads).

What’s more, Google Tag Manager facilitates the steps for advertisers to create Remarketing campaigns. Instead of having to create multiple remarketing pixels within advertising platforms, you can define when your tags are fired to create very specific audiences based on their interactions on your site. For example, you can choose to remarket to users who get to specific pages of your site, put items in their shopping cart and then abandon the site. Then you can create remarketing campaigns with specific messaging based on the pages the visitor reached on your site.

See more on Google Tag Manager and how we can help you install this new product.

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