A Guide for Writing Ad Copy That Captures Your Audience’s Attention

Serina Fignole - September 14, 2017

Figuring out the perfect technique to help your ads stand out can be a huge undertaking. You may not be sure if your headline should focus on what your brand offers or why a user should select it over a competitor. To ensure your ads capture your audience’s attention, follow this 4-step process.


You should know your customers and be aware of the pains they experience every day, which may be already understood from search-based traffic. Sometimes customers may use words such as, “enterprise”, “cheapest”, “fastest”, etc., which can help you gain a better understanding of who they are and their needs.


Is your company known for being the quickest, highest quality or lowest price? Then, you should be keeping a spreadsheet of all of those value-added phrases that are related to your company, and the products or services you offer.


Since most companies have numerous campaigns and ad groups, you should keep a list of the most applicable phrases from Step 2 that this specific audience is most likely to engage with. These phrases should be in your ad headline, followed by what the product or service delivers in the description.


Plug in the search terms that have the highest search volume into Google. This will show you whether your ads will show up alongside your competitors.

Overall, a major piece of any company’s SEM strategy is creating ads that help you stand out. Keep in mind – you can’t obtain a new customer if they never click on your ad or land on your website.

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