Adapting Your Content Marketing During Troubled Times

Serina Fignole - April 7, 2020

During a major unpredicted event, a company’s marketing sits center stage. Your marketing messaging in every ad campaign and channel sets the tone for how customers perceive your brand now and in the future. Taking the right actions and finding the right message can be challenging. To help Marketers develop sensitive and effective content, here are 5 tips for adapting your marketing messaging during troubled times.

#1 Be Helpful

With the increase of misinformation everywhere online, it is imperative that your messaging is providing credible, detailed, and current information to your customers. Try incorporating messaging and tactics that reinforce “we are here to help you.” For example,

  • Put forth content that shows your company is being flexible during this time and how you are able to help customers with cancellations, refunds, customer service, etc.
  • Show that you’re a thought leader in your industry and define your value proposition to users through offering free and ungated content.

#2 Forge New Communities & Ways to Connect

As people continue to physically distance themselves from others, consumers are taking “shelter in place” orders more seriously and learning new ways of interacting. An interest in virtual communities has begun to surge, which has a created a large opportunity for brands to initiate new ways to forge connections and nurture relationships with their customers or customer-to-customer online. If you haven’t done so already, consider the following…

  • Starting a “Group” via Facebook or LinkedIn or creating a branded hashtag to answer customer questions or provide company updates
  • “Going Live” on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or etc. to answer customer questions
  • Leveraging a video conference service provider to offer virtual consultations
  • Looking for ways your brand (or a partner) can create / enhance shared experiences virtually

#3 Adjust Timing for a 24/7 Content Consumption Cycle

During this time, people’s routines and schedules have changed. Some of your consumer may be waking up, working or even staying up later than before. With this change comes the need to adjust the time content is being released on your website, via email or on other channels.

Right now, brands should try to communicate and connect with customers at all times throughout the day / week. This will signal to your audience that solutions are available whenever and wherever. Since there is a need for content that informs, entertains, and promotes wellness (physically and mentally), attempt to publish content as often as possible, especially during parts of the day that have not previously been opportunities.

#4 Promote Everyday Local Heroes

Currently, there has been an increase in people praising the everyday heroes who have stepped up in this critical time and are risking their own health or safety to keep others healthy. Take a moment to craft some content that shows off your appreciation and celebrates a member or organization in your local community or in your current client / customer wheelhouse. These can be:

  • Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers on the front line
  • Employees
  • People who use your products
  • People who could use support

#5 Embrace Novel Content to Combat Boredom

While your audience’s space may have contracted, their time has expanded because of the time spent at home, alone or with each other (virtually or in person). As boredom and uncertainty set in, consumers are seeking out new ways to enrich and elevate their lives and combat boredom. Search interests for online and virtual events are on the rise. Longer form, immersive content is sought and being consumed more as well. Depending on your brand’s service or product offering(s), consider creating content centered around:

  • Home-based health, fitness and well-being
  • Things to do with kids or as a family
  • Virtually experiencing parks, concerts, museums, and zoos
  • Expanding minds (podcasts, webinars, ebooks, white papers, etc.)

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