AdWords Releases New Metrics for Quality Score

Charlie Scholz - June 7, 2017

 Advertisers have always been able to refer to the quality score of an ad in Google AdWords to see how the engine ranks your ads. With a ranking of 1-10 (with 10 being the best), you can see how AdWords feels your ad and landing page resonate with one another and your keywords. What hasn’t always been clear is how the Quality Score is determined. However, Google added new Quality Score reporting columns in May that provide a bit more clarification on what makes up the score.

Quality Score

Below are the new metrics:

  • Expected Click-Through-Rate
  • Landing Page Experience
  • Ad Relevance

There is also a historical version of quality score and the three new metrics. With this, you can see how the quality score metrics have changed over time. Google suggests keeping these things in mind when reviewing historical QS metrics:

  • They reflect the last known score for the date range you selected. Note that historical data won’t be available for dates earlier than January 22, 2016.
  • If you apply the “Day” segment to your Keyword reports, these columns will show daily values that reflect what your scores were at the end of each day.


These new additions to AdWords certainly help when evaluating what may be causing an increase or decrease to quality scores. For any assistance with AdWords, please reach out to our team of experts at MoreVisibility.

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