AdWords To Release New Targeting Options for the Google Display Network

Anne Garcia - July 9, 2012

Google AdWords recently released  a new interface for its Display Network and the search engine has just announced that it will have more flexible targeting options for the Display Network.

Google says in the coming weeks, in the Settings tab in AdWords, there will be a new “Networks and devices” section that will have a new targeting option called “Flexible reach.” The new targeting option will allow advertisers to edit settings at the ad group level instead of the campaign level, giving advertisers more control over where their ads appear and which visitors will see them. In addition, Flexible reach allows advertisers the ability to combine different bidding techniques with multiple targeting options at the ad group level, instead of the same settings throughout the campaign.

Starting in the next few weeks, the Flexible reach campaign setting will appear as an option setting in AdWords accounts and later this year it will eventually replace the Broad and Specific reach options. Google says that once an advertiser has selected this option for an existing campaign, advertisers will not be able to go back to Broad or Specific reach and new ad groups will have Flexible reach set as a default. Current targeting and bidding choices will remain as-is, but advertisers will have the option to choose how to target and bid at the ad group level.

Below is a screen shot of the new targeting options on the Google Display Network.

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