Amazon PPC Advertising – Reach Buyers Where They Shop Most

Serina Fignole - July 16, 2018 is the United States’ largest online search engine for ecommerce products. As either an Amazon Vendor or an Amazon Seller you can reach innumerable consumers 24/7 with the right advertising strategy.’s Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform is a great opportunity to sell more products online. If properly created and managed, a PPC campaign on Amazon can help you not only sell more inventory faster, but increase your organic rankings. Amazon’s Advertising Platform works similarly to how Google Search works. When you type a keyword in Amazon’s search box and results appear, some of the top results will be sponsored posts – these are considered Amazon ads. They are denoted with subtle “sponsored” or “ad” text.

Are you wondering if Amazon’s advertising platform is right for your brand? Watch the video below to learn the importance of Amazon’s Advertising Platform for ecommerce brands and the ad format options available from MoreVisibility’s Vice President, Brand Strategy, Khrysti Nazzaro, and Director of Interactive Advertising, Max Braglia.

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