An Open Letter to Google Ads Advertisers

April Nelson - September 18, 2023

September 18, 2023

An Open letter to Google Ads Advertiser

To me, the most important thing when a Google search takes place is to figure out what the user’s “why” is, the intent behind their query. With decades of experience on the front line of search, a trend I have seen consistently is that digital advertisers want nothing to do with irrelevant impressions of their ads and the wasted dollars that can come along with it.

From inception of Google AdWords, BROAD MATCH was the default match type. And just when you thought there was nothing broader, BROAD MATCH MODIFER was introduced to match your ads to even more queries. Though it was ground-breaking at the time, it came with many challenges, notably lack of transparency in reporting and misaligned ads to queries. The amount of money wasted on irrelevant and inappropriate ad clicks became a frustration to digital marketers who ultimately ended their use of BROAD MATCH altogether and never looked back.

Is this fair? As the majority of digital marketers must be aware, features are iterated and improved over time.

I would appreciate the opportunity to connect with any Google Ads advertisers who ever tried using BROAD MATCH and/or BROAD MATCH MODIFER and stopped abruptly. Nothing would please me more than being able to broaden your reach in a new and improved smart way while generating higher conversion volume at a lower cost. Let me show you just how smart my team at Google Search really is.


Broad Match


Inspired by “An Open Letter to Hobbyists” written by Bill Gates in 1976.

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