Are You in Business (.com)?

MoreVisibility - May 25, 2007

If you are a B2B business, this engine is exactly for you! was founded in 1999 and serves over 25 million US businesses and advertisers looking for them. It is a directory that has a network of partnership sites like, Entrepreneur, Allbusiness, Hoovers, Globalspec, and more. In October 2006, launched, a social-media community site that is targeted to executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs. The site offers “how to” guides — in the form of user-generated content — to a variety of challenges, issues, and opportunities. It covers a variety of topics from how to start your own business to management styles and techniques. All the content and articles are written by business executives and experts ready to share their knowledge in their fields. currently has 6 million unique visitors every month and 30 million monthly unique visitors to their network partners.

When you submit your site to you should expect about 20% the traffic you would normally get from Google, only this traffic is 80% more likely to be c-level executives and 40% more likely to be business purchasers or decision makers. Also, your average searchers are two times more likely to start their own business in the next year. So when submitting a listing to you reach a more qualified, educated audience looking exactly for your product/service. is user friendly, has a clean easy-to-understand interface, and offers “multi-linking,” which is an option that allows you to add links to up to 5 pages on your site in one listing. If you are a Business owner, looking for more sources of qualified traffic, is the right choice for you!

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